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Meet La Tarantella crew!

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Carlo, Alessandro, Dr. Schmidt
Vaje, Alessio, Carlo, Hillary, Dr. Schmidt
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Dr. James Schmidt


Owner of La Tarantella Osteria Italiana. "Investing in a new business idea has been a challenge for me. Of profession, I am a family doctor, but I've always felt entrepreneurial and I have plenty of enthusiasm and strength. That being said, when I came across the wonderful concept of La Tarantella Osteria Italiana, I refused to miss the opportunity and decided to try. As the leader of this business, I offer our clients a simple equation: Good Food + Good Wine + Good Friends = Great Moments. Thank you and welcome!"

-Dr. Schmidt

Carlo Canales


Restaurant Manager at La Tarantella Osteria with years of experience managing a high-quality and fast-paced restaurant. Whether you’re here on a romantic date, enjoying a banquet or allowing us to cater to your special event – Carlo at La Tarantella Osteria welcomes you! With a contagious laugh and deep understanding of hospitality and a guest's experience, you can count on Carlo to bring you a warm evening. 

Since 2019


La Tarantella Osteria Italiana is located in the beautiful Retro Row on 4th Street in Long Beach, California. La Tarantella's classic rustic decor and aromas will make you feel like you're walking right into Roma. We offer full-service dining with a variety of items - including traditional Italian cuisines like Roman and Neapolitan style dishes. At La Tarantella, we treat you like family! Whether you want to indulge in our delicious food or hang out and try our wine selection, we guarantee you an unforgettable experience. Need catering for your next event? We offer a number of catering options for weddings, birthdays, holidays, and more. 

Chef Alessandro Colaiacomo


Executive Chef of La Tarantella Osteria. The talented and experienced head chef trained in and studied the preparation of foods of all types at the Italian Culinary Institute. Alessandro has opened and cooked as head chef in a number of Italian restaurants in California since he relocated from Rome in '94. From Rome, Italy to LA County, California, Alessandro still creates delicious dishes, some of which are even prepared with the old recipes of his Roman mother. Alessandro excels at managing all food-related personnel and activity in the hospitality field in regard to the best ways to cook, design, and present dishes both new and old classics. With a solid understanding of how to adjust taste and ingredients to accommodate a variety of tongues, diets, cultures, etc., Chef 'Sandro is nothing short of a culinary artist with his creative and innovative presentation/execution of food.